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Colehill First School

School Dress Code

Winter Uniform

  • Royal blue school cardigan, jumper or sweatshirt
  • Grey skirt, pinafore dress or long trousers
  • White blouse or white or royal blue polo shirt
  • Grey or white socks
  • School shoes


Summer Uniform

  • Royal blue school cardigan, jumper or sweatshirt
  • Blue checked or striped summer dresses
  • Grey shorts can be worn in place of long trousers
  • Grey or white socks
  • Shoes or sandals, not the open toed variety.

All children need:

  • A named P.E bag
  • Black shorts
  • White T-shirt either plain or with school logo
  • Trainers for outdoor games
  • A sweatshirt and jogging bottoms for outdoor PE lessons in the colder months.

All children should have a suitable coat for the season.



We do not encourage the wearing of jewellery in school for health and safety reasons, although simple stud earrings are permitted. These will need to be covered with tape or a plaster during PE lessons.

Watches are also acceptable providing they are not of the ‘novelty’ kind that could detract from learning!


Children's hairstyles should be appropriate for school. Long hair should be tied back for health and safety reasons. Extreme hairstyles including dyed / bleached hair or shaven designs should be avoided.

'Colehill Logo' Items

Sweatshirts, cardigans, polo shirts, sun hats and bookbags, all with our logo, are all available to purchase on-line from Brigade Schoolwear, along with a selection of generic items such as trousers and plimsolls.

Please click here to access the site.

A limited stock is still available from the school office at the same price as the on-line service. Please ask at the school office for more details.

There is a limited amount of second hand uniform available via the Parent's Association.

Lost Property

Please could parents ensure that every item of their child’s clothing is clearly named. Iron-on or sew-in name tapes are best, as biro fades very quickly after washing!! Lost, un-named property is stored in the Lost Property Box in school: parents are welcome to search for any lost items in this box at the start or end of the school day: please enquire at the School Office should you need to do this. N.B. The Lost Property box is periodically emptied owing to the volume of unclaimed items that can build up over time.


Shoulder length hair should be tied back: this is for reasons of health, safety and practicality.