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Colehill First School

School Council

Our School Council

We have a very active School Council at Colehill First School.

School Councillors are elected by their class peers once a year. There are two representatives from each year group from year 1 up to year 4 inclusive, as well as a chairperson and secretary from year 4.

The School Council meet at least once per fortnight and their main purposes are:

  • to enable all children in the school to have a voice and to be listened to and taken seriously;
  • to improve all aspects of life at Colehill First School for all members of the school community;
  • to help children understand that good citizenship requires active participation from all members of the community. This is a lesson for life, not just for school!

School Council Achievements

Over the past few years, the School Council has:

  • helped to design brand new school values panels for the school hall;
  • established a new annual school talent competition, entitled ‘Colehill’s Got Talent;
  • enhanced the playground by designing and commissioning a new playground wall mural entitled ‘School Rocks’ (see above);
  • replaced ageing play equipment with a brand new play castle for the playground;
  • made numerous decisions about fund raising for a range of worthwhile causes in the UK and around the world, many of which are in keeping with achieving the Millennium Development Goals;
  • improved the number and range of extra-curricular clubs on offer to pupils at the school.

School Council  2018-19

School Council Leaders (Year 4): Annabel and Tom

School Councillors:

Year 4: Josh and Lilia;

Year 3: Chloe and Jamie;

Year 2: Sammy and Freya;

Year 1: Constance and Jamie.

Meetings of the School Council take place fortnightly.