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Colehill First School

Policies & Documents

Colehill First School is a founder member of Wimborne Academy Trust. We have aligned our individual school policies into Trust-wide policies. Click on the link below to see all Trust-wide policies agreed to date:

Wimborne Academy Trust Policies

Colehill First School policies are listed below. 

To view our Special Educational Needs policies, please click here

  1. Aims, Values and Mission Statement
  2. Anti Bullying & Harassment Policy (Trust wide)
  3. Assessment Policy
  4. Attendance Management for Parents
  5. Attendance Policy (Trust wide)
  6. Behaviour and Discipline Policy (Trust wide)
  7. Behaviour Guidelines (Colehill First School)
  8. Charging and Remissions Policy (Trust Wide)
  9. Collective Worship Policy
  10. Complaints Policy Sept 2021(Trust wide)
  11. Computing In Colehill First School
  12. Confidentiality - Good practice guide for volunteers working in school
  13. Confidentiality Policy
  14. Data Protection Policy (Trust wide)
  15. Disciplinary Procedures Policy (Trust Wide)
  16. Drugs Education Policy
  17. Educational Visits Policy (Trust-wide)
  18. End of School Day Policy
  19. Ensuring a good Education for children who can not attend due to health needsTH-NEEDS-2207-DRAFT.279037502
  20. Equality Act Statement
  21. Equality and Diversity Policy
  22. Exclusion Policy (Trust wide)
  23. Freedom of Information and Publication Scheme
  24. Health & Safety Policy (Trust wide)
  25. Healthy Eating Policy
  26. Home Learning Guidelines
  27. ICT Responsible Use Policy (Trust Wide)
  28. Intimate Care Policy
  29. Lettings Policy
  30. Mental Health Policy
  31. Monitoring Policy
  32. More Able Learners Policy
  33. Online Safety Policy (Trust wide)
  34. Reception Baseline Assessment - Privacy Notice
  35. Recruitment and Selection Policy (Trust wide)
  36. Registration of Pupils Policy
  37. Relationships and Sex Education (Trust-wide)
  38. Reporting Pupil Progress Policy
  39. School Session Times Policy
  40. Security Policy
  41. Separated Parents Policy (Trust Wide)
  42. Staff Volunteer Policy
  43. Student Placement Policy
  44. Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions Policy (Trust wide)