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Colehill First School

Leadership of Learning

Curriculum Leaders

English and Modern Foreign Languages:

Mrs R Everton


Miss H Self

Science, Technology and Computing:

Mr S Rayner

The Arts / Assessment:

Miss H Self

Humanities and Religious Education:

Mrs K Stephens

Physical Education:

Mrs H Everett

Personal, Social and Health Education:

Mr A Turrall


Mrs S Pond and Mr A Turrall

Specialist Teacher: Music                                              Mrs E Radford
Specialist Teacher: Physical Education                       Mrs F Hurlstone

Support Staff Areas of Expertise

Speech, Language and Communication:

Mrs L McCartney

Developmental Co-ordination:

Mrs G Hennell

Emotional Literacy Support:

Mrs S Allan

Early Years:

Mrs J Waddington

Intervention Programmes:

Mrs C Brock
Mrs M Wignall and
Mrs M McKay

First Aid:

Mrs L Broocks
Mrs C Brock

Mrs J Waddington (Paediatric First Aid)

Mrs D Bowring (Emergency First Aid)

Mr A Turrall (Emergency First Aid)

Miss G Menin (Emergency First Aid)