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Colehill First School

Who's Who of Staff

School Leadership Team

Headteacher: Mr A Turrall
Deputy Headteacher: Miss H Self
School Finance Officer: Mrs D Bowring


The Designated Safeguarding Lead for the school Mr A Turrall, Headteacher
The Deputy DSL for the school Miss H Self, Deputy Headteacher

Early Years Team

Reception (Hedgehogs) class teacher: Mrs K Stephens
Reception (Hedgehogs) teaching assistant: Mrs J Waddington

Key Stage One Team

Year 1 (Foxes) class teachers:

Mrs R Everton and Mrs H Everett

(both currently on maternity leave)
Mrs L Swann (maternity cover teacher)

Year 1 (Foxes) teaching assistant: Mrs L Broocks
Year 2 (Squirrels) class teacher: Miss H Self
Year 2 (Squirrels) higher level teaching assistant: Mrs C Brock
Higher level teaching assistant: Mrs G Hennell

Key Stage Two Team

Year 3 (Badgers) class teacher: Miss S Start
Year 3 (Badgers) teaching assistant: Mrs S Allan
Year 4 (Kestrels) class teacher: Mr S Rayner
Year 4 (Kestrels) teaching assistants: Mrs M McKay
Higher level teaching assistant: Mrs G Hennell

Inclusion Team

Pupil Premium leader: Mr A Turrall
Special Needs Co-ordinator: Miss S Lemon
Emotional literacy support assistant: Mrs S Allan
Intervention teaching assistants: Mrs M Wignall 
Mrs M McKay
Speech and language support: Mrs L McCartney
SEND Support: Mrs M Colton
Mrs L McCartney
Mrs N Boyle

Office Team

School Finance Officer: Mrs D Bowring
Administrative Officer: Mrs V Brooks
Administrative Officer and Clerk to Governors: Mrs L Payne

Lunchtime Supervisory Team

Senior Lunchtime Supervisors: Mrs M White
Mrs S Ryan
Lunchtime Supervisors:

Mrs L Mitchell
Mrs S Brown
Mrs M White
Mrs S Charles

Mrs C Hocking

Relief Lunchtime Supervisor: Mrs G Trant

Site Team

Janitor and Cleaner in Charge: Mrs B White
Cleaner: Mrs G Trant